solimena group

We are a research group interested in the cell biology of the insulin-producing β-cells of the pancreatic islets and the molecular fundamentals of diabetes. 

Our group currently comprises more than 20 people from ten countries with training in molecular cell biology, biochemistry and medicine. 

Our location is the BioInnovationsZentrumDresden in the beautiful city of Dresden (City of Science 2006) in the East of Germany near Poland and the Czech Republic. We are part of the Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus and we are tightly linked to the Department of Medicine III, the new Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG), the DFG Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD), the Biotechnology Center of Dresden University (BIOTEC) and the Medical Theoretical Center (MTZ)

If you wish to work towards a PhD with us, visit this website:

Our contact details are:

mail address: Universitaetsklinikum Dresden
Molecular Diabetology
Fetscherstraße 74
D-01307 Dresden, Germany
visitor address: BioZ
Tatzberg 47/49
rear building, 2nd level, room 2.246
D-01307 Dresden, Germany
telephone: +49 (0)351 796 36612
fax: +49 (0)351 796 36698
e-mail: katja.pfriem {at}